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Youtube [Apr. 16th, 2006|07:07 am]







just a few of my fav's
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Some Things i wanted to say about liz wooly Posting here [Mar. 24th, 2006|11:31 pm]

I Noticed today in one of the stories (i believe it was the jack thompson radio interview) and i noticed a few people trying to talk to her on how Jack is and the things he's said and all i have to say to that is lets not bother though i may not like or respect liz for the way i was treated in those emails i say lets just keep concentrated on ending this piece of shit stupid ass legislation that is nothing more then a waste of time and a execuse for parents to continue to be lazy little bitches who only have kids because they see it as a status simble

Since Im sure in a few days jack will be back here going on and on and on as usual and we will have our hands full along with everyone throwing that logic catapults at him and hopefully if i can log on when he's posting i've gotten back that fire to be that ravaging attack dog so lets not worry about liz even though she is really unaware of the gaming culture today (it seems to me) she really isnt worth our time to bother with and until she starts acting like Jt i say we let her say what she wants.
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email to jack about a idea i had yesterday [Mar. 16th, 2006|04:13 pm]
Good Afternoon Sir

I am a 25 year old gamer.i have been for close to 20 years now and i have been keeping up on this anti game movement that has been happening.while i dont agree that goverment should step in to parent the child because that is the parents job.But i also have the belief that if parents do not want to parent their child then i think they should inform child services and simply tell them "i dont want to parent my child" now im well aware there are parents who know what are in these games.I Myself own all 3 gta games along with manhunt.my roomate has a x box 360 with the game condemned which is even more violent then manhunt and gta and the warriors combined.I do agree video games are becoming more and more violent.But television is also becoming more violent.Have you heard of a cartoon on g4 called happy tree friends and friends? Think of looney tunes with the violence of gta.Why is no one regulating television or music.But i do believe there is a solution to helping parents.

I thought up this little idea Yesterday When a parent goes into eb games or a gamestop with a child to buy a game and lets say the child who is 5 years old and he wants to purchase manhunt.I've seen parents who will simply put the game down on the counter and then basically ignore the cashier when the cashier tries to inform that parent that it isnt a game for that child.in fact i heard one parent basically say "i dont care whats in the game my child wants cool games and not kiddy games"
So to help the parents out with that i say have a little tv near the counter with a ps2,x box i wont use gamecube because that really is a childs system.So if that parent wants to purchase manhunt for that child then the clerk gives her a quick view of the game and shows her whats in it..like the level 2 sickel kill where you rip out their lower area from behiind.or the level 3 hammer kill where u slam it up their jaw snapping their neck.

To me it seems like it would show the parents whats in the game and they would no longer have a execuse when they try this "i had no idea what was in the game"

Your idea on this sir?
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Second email from liz [Mar. 13th, 2006|04:44 pm]
Hello Todd,

I apologize for giving you the impression that I think you are a bad
person because of your gaming activities.

In the past several years, I have worked intensely with gamers who have
destroyed their real lives, because they became addicted to these games
- my son included. My son ended up committing suicide in front of the
Everquest computer game.

I see the other side of the games every day and what excessive use of
them has done to real people and their families, relationships and

There are many social gamers out there - just as there are many social
drinkers. I do not condemn social gaming. I personally play hearts,
spades, checkers, spidersol, etc. myself, to relieve my own anxieties.

I understand your view of your gaming activity. I remember when I was
your age, which was quite some time ago. At that time in my life, I
have more time to spend on "hobby-like" activities.

Your life is quite amicable than mine was at that age.

Mine was a bit different. I was the third of seven children. My Dad
left my Mom with 7 teenagers when I was 11, and paid no child support.
We did not even have indoor plumbing until I was in 8th grade. I was
married at 18, had 3 children and was divorced by the time I was 25.

Through my life, I have found that the responsibilities I have in my
real life, have challenged me to the point that when I have free time,
do not want to be challenged by a game.

In your life, it looks like you do need to be challenged. I also am a
computer analyst in my career. That in itself is a huge game - I
attribute it to being a computer nurse - for computer users.

Todd, I understand our lives are different. I do not think bad of you
personally, because of your gaming choices.

The point I am trying to make, is if your real life lacks challenge,
instead of turning to the games - which is a very self-centered
- as you can only do it by yourself - go out into the real world, and
see what you can do to help other mankind. Go to New Orleans and help
them. They are in desperate need of people to help rebuild - it is so
much more fulfilling and much more challenging. Come out of your
Don't be so "protected" in your real life. Turn your real life into an
adventure and see how you do in it. You will win at some things, and
you will loose at some things. The experiences will make you ALIVE!
And the people you meet in real person, will astound you. But what a

I hope this clarifies what I was trying to say, in a more positive


Liz W.
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*sigh* [Mar. 13th, 2006|12:45 am]
Well its been a shitty couple of days For one a ex got a hold of me and that didnt turn out good..my dad's hepititus c isnt getting better..And now we have the motherfucking asshole Jack Thompson wanting to sue wikipedia and Now Gp.But as i sit here typing this i realized the reason that jack may want to keep bully from being released.its gonna show you that yea if you get fucked around by some pathetic loser who feels like his life is shit so he has to make it better by picking on other people in a pathetic sad attempt to feel good then people will start standing up against jack and of course he cant have that..after all remember we are nothing more then "kkk skinhead drug addicted children" then again that doesnt say a whole lot about Him since he cant stay away from gp.But let Him try To Ban Bully it wont happen and it will probably sell as good as Gta does.and when bullying goes down in schools then he will look like a assclown.Lol shit and i posted something In wikipedia one night when he was posting his crap i dont remember what it was but hey if im gonna be a defendent then great.Personally i dont know what to think about jack anymore other then there are things i wanna say but with him being anal lately im sure he would pull his "you have to ban him dennis" crap so i May just vent on here.

Well x play is gonna be on in a few minutes here and im tired as shit..

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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2006|08:55 pm]
Today i read about A post that was made by Lizwool i was told by andrew she runs a website called http://www.olganon.org/ Now i read the site and went thru a few things in it and realized it seems in good intentions in what they are trying to do but there were some things i disagreed with and decided to email her.now anyone on here knows i of course am not that great at writing emails but what i wanted to say was simple.here is what i sent her and her reply to me.i will be sending another email after i finish this up.I'll update it with Her response to my next email if she reply's to me.

My Email-You posted today in gamepolitics and made a comment
that i have to ask something about

"Why do the gaming companies have to create games that
are so violent, dark and ugly that someone would even
consider having to pass laws against them? Don't you
people get it? Make them fun, and light and
fulfilling, so there are not issues with them"

I can agree to that to a point.I do believe that kids
shouldnt have access to games like Manhunt or any of
the Grand theft auto's on the ps2 or even the game
condemned criminal origin for the x box 360.

So my question is Why should i have to suffer as an
adult and not be able to enjoy or have Games Like
Grand theft auto which i play on a regular basis? I
can see where you are coming from and i can see that
its all in good intentions but Video games have become
more and more of a adult market now.The way to keep m
rated games out of the hands of children is to educate
the parents who call them "toys" and still believe
that only little children play video games

Short and simple really i wasnt wanting to get in a flame war with her and was hoping she would send me a respectible email back.it may be respectible to some but i found it rude

Her Response-Hello Todd,

Thank you for your note.

The reason I asked, is because I as an adult do not have time to play
games, because I am no longer a child, so I have to do "adult" things,
like go to work, clean the house, pay the bills, keep the car running,
wash the clothes, cook, grocery shop, wash the dishes, do the taxes,

I do not know how a responsible adult will have time to be a gamer.
When adults tell me they are gamers, I wonder, how on earth do they
the time, and still be able to function in this world as a responsible

So Todd, I do consider games to be for children.

If I were ever to play an on-line computer game, the farthest I would
want to go, is to be able drive somewhere and look at beautiful
landscapes, or go out in outer space, and visit the stars.

As far as the dark side of gaming, I cannot even watch a violent movie
my spirit is that sensitive. I have no idea why people like that sort
of stuff.
It is not uplifting. It can get vulgar and mean. Why live that way or
be around that stuff, if you don't have to? I do not understand people
who bring that into their lives, voluntarily. I have had enough of it
in my life, without going out and looking for it.

I shudder as I am reading the responses to my comment - that ADULTS
blood, guts, rape, murders, pedophile, killing people who are trying to
protect them, playing these games instead of trying to improve their
lives and be loving and kind to others. It scares the hell out of me.
What is this world coming to? To see adults defend these games,
they are so self-centered, that they only care about themselves and
nothing and no one else. To see that many adults would much prefer to
live experiencing all of that dark garbage, rather than trying to
improve their real lives and the lives of those around them. This is a
pathetic state our country is in.
We don't have to worry about being taken over by a foreign power - we
are rotting, on the inside out.

People who enjoy that kind of crap are sick human beings. That is not
why we were created.

I hope you see my point, Todd. Just remember this - in every human
being, there is good and evil. Who they are is the one they feed the

Liz W.
On-Line Gamers Anonymous

Im guessing i will be able to update the journal and not start a new one so when she responds to what im about to write i'll post it.
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Dead Pool For Jack threating to sue Wikipedia [Feb. 18th, 2006|01:47 pm]
its simple just give the date you think jack will threaten to sue Wikipedia over his Entry thing since he believes its "lies"

Yzzerd-Febuary 19
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im bored [Jan. 31st, 2006|03:32 pm]
Im bored right now and grubbing on some chicken and listening to some tunes reading all of jt's posts that he made today (man i thought i was bad on neoseeeker) and considering he posted way to much stuff to even make a post on gp i thought i would use my Lj (after all im sure he isnt to bright to find a way to read it) so let the fun Begin

"If Dennis McCauley were a real journalist, rather than merely a freelancer to the Philadelphia Inquirer, he would have, upon getting my letter I provided to him about Blank Rome's latest desperate move, call me up and ask me what it was about and what the consequence of it would be. It is interesting, of course, that Mr. McCauley has not linked to the letter itself so you can read it for yourselves. Dennis does not trust you all with the whole story, so intent is he to do me harm"

Ahhh nothing better then listening to Jt rant on and on about how no one here at gp will talk to him or show him respect yet he comes in here and calls us lets see

KKK Members

i dont think i missed any at all

"The latest Bar complaint by Blank Rome is just a regurgitation of the lies they coughed up in the Alabama court room. We are going to wind up in federal court about it, which Dennis has also not told you. Dennis wants you all to think of me as a censor, yet he censors the news here to fit his narrow little agenda"

Gee i guess jack is still just a little bit upset over Getting his ass handed to him in that court room when he was booted of the case.then again apparently he isnt to bright to go and also threaten Judge Moore

"I have a right to defend myself. I have a right to identify, in the public square and anywhere else, the targeting of children for harm"

Yet he never goes after the parents who are buying these "murder simulators" for the kids.Oh woops forgot the game companies have money and the parents are broke from buying little billy everything he sees

well im sure there is more from jt but he is only worth so much of my time.if you wanna see more then leave a comment and i'll throw in my 2 cents

later peeps
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this is For Mitch [Jan. 20th, 2006|05:23 pm]
Today is Truly a sad day.We have lost a fellow Gamer and we are all feeling the sting and the sadness.I Did not Know Mitch but I have been thru Depression and i know that It Can Tear You Up Inside.In High School i had to deal with Depression and had Thought about commiting suicide a couple of times.

The one thing that stopped Me From Doing it was the fact that i know my friends would be devistated and i couldnt bring them to having to go thru that pain.I have the same friends that i had in Junior high and have known them for well over 10 Years now.Of course please i dont want anyone in the metalgearsolid Forum thinking that i am saying None of you were close to him or friends.But even in times of depression and even being manic you sometimes feel that you are all alone in a room and only Darkness is there.I wish i would of Known Mitch though so i could of at least been there in his final hours.Doing everything i can to keep him from taking his own life.

I dont think Mitch would want us Mourning His Passing.He would want us to remember the type of person he was.someone who was loved and thought of as Family to his friends.a special person and a loving family member to his family.To the new members here today that came from the mgs forum.All of us gamers on these forums and around the world need to be there for each other.

In Memory of Mitch Let us Remember that Life is short and though it can be stressful at times and seem like it will never get better it will.Just by having love in your heart and remembering the People that touched Our heart.

Rest in Peace Mitch

you are in a better place and finally free from the pain you were endering
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My Letter To The Florida Bar [Jan. 16th, 2006|11:23 am]
here is the letter

Good Afternoon

Hello My Name is Todd Fisher I am writing to you today in Regards Of Jack Thompson.Im sure you are aware Of Jack's Way Of speaking To People and Gamers In General as i was seeing on a website a while back that People From Penny Arcade Had Written In also.I write today because Jack has made a rather rude Comment today In GamePolitics.

"Just got called by a network on this angle. This may prove to be the first Hot Coffee incident of the new year. There have been a number of law enforcement-proven links of the GTA games to these types of baseball bat/beating incidents directed at the homeless. Google it. You'll find them.

What is unfortunate for Pixelante/Drug Nation is that reality eventually intrudes even on the mentality among gamers that what you are pouring into your souls has no consequence.

The homeless beatings in Ft. Lauderale constitute yet another Rockstar pigeon coming home to roost. I expect to be in court on this in Florida before the end of the week, with GTA and Warriors screenshots, bats and all. Stay tuned. Oh, and hate me all you like. I absolutely love it. Jack Thompson"


There is the link Provided

Now I am offended By the Pixilante/Drug Nation.Now Im well aware that Jack has shown no respect to anyone unless they agree with him.Now I do agree with Jack's Belief that children Should not Be Playing Games Such As Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto.But Of course that responsibility Lies within the parent and only the parent.
Now it seems that this is Not the Only Post that Jt has made that Shows He Honestly Should Not Be a Lawyer. Im Sure you have seen Jt's Wikiquote http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Jack_Thompson

Now I've Read Quite a Few Emails From Web Forums and Sites On How Jt is.I Believe that he will continue To Speak To Adult In The Nature that he has spoken to them in that link Provided and also in the wikiquote Because He seems to Believe that he has the right To Do It Simply Because he is Jack Thompson.All I ask Is that the bar do the Right thing.We At Gp have sat back long enough and have taken jt's abuse for the last time.Do the Right thing and Punish Jt.If you dont he will continue to behave in the fashion that he has been doing.

Good Day
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